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What is an inverter


Inverter is a conversion device composed of inverter bridge, control logic and filter circuit, which can convert direct current into fixed frequency and constant voltage or frequency and voltage regulation alternating current. Often used in air conditioners, home theaters, electric grinding wheels and other equipment.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter With Round Covering

The inverter is a DC-AC transformer, which is actually a process of voltage inversion. The converter converts the AC voltage in the grid into 12 V regulated DC, and the inverter converts the 12 V DC voltage of the Adapter into high-frequency AC.
There are three signals at the input end of the inverter, which are the 12 V DC input VIN, the working start voltage ENB and the Panel current control signal DIM. The VIN is realized by the Adapter, and the ENB voltage is realized by the MCU on the main board, and its value is 0 to 3 V. The DIM voltage is provided by the motherboard from 0 to 5 V. The DIM value will affect the feedback of the PWM controller, so that the PWM controller can obtain more current.


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