24V Charger

Special Feature of 24V Charger:

★ LED indicator light show charging status;
★ Temperature controlled cooling fan;
★ 3-stage battery charging: Bulk charger,Absorption charge,Float charge;
★ Reverse polarity protection:connect to battery,no harm;not connect to battery,no output;
★ Short circuit protection;
★ Over temperature protection;
★ Battery type selector
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  • KOSUN 24V 20A battery charger is a smart multi-stage lithium battery charger which uses the latest switch-mode battery charging technology, to ensure fast and efficient charging of your batteries.The multi-stage charging algorithm delivers a fast, efficient, and consistent charge with no voltage drop. The smart charger will prolong the longevity of the battery cells and prevents premature battery failure.

  • Reasonable price 24V 10A battery charger supply by the professional factory which built over 10 years and the smart charger is engineered with matured technology.Please select the switch to position S and select dip switch No.1-5 to get the optimum charge to suit your battery specification.

24V Charger in bulk with high quality can be customized from our factory. Our factory is called Ningbo Kosun New Energy Co.,Ltd. that is one of the manufacturers and suppliers from China. Welcome to wholesale advanced, latest selling and newest 24V Charger made in China which has CE certification. And you can discount it at any time, if you like. Besides, we provide 2 years warranty and price list.