Inverter with ATS Transfer

The AC power can be direct to the loads through bypass ways that AC power is priority, thus,when the AC power cut off,the inverter immediately load the applications for regular operation;the inverter with ATS transfer design with various protections for the applications and popular for the market saving more energy and portable advantages.

★ Fuse:Built-out;
★ 1.5 times rated power for 10s,2 times for 2s (inverter);
★ Remote control (Optional);
★ USB:5V/2.1A;
★ Protection:LED indicator & Audible alarm;
★ 12V or 24V or 48V DC input;
★ Input voltage range:-15%~+25%;
★ Output voltage regulation:±10%;
★ AC Auto-transfer switch;
★ CE/RoHS/ISO9001 approved.
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  • KOSUN pure sine wave 3000w inverter with ATS function 16ms transfer to the inverter for uninterrupted operation if the AC mains power shut off in a sudden.KOSUN inverter is reasonable factory price and stable quality win a good market share with OEM,ODM produce,welcome to keep in touch with KOSUN for the power inverter details.

  • KOSUN new design pure sine wave 2500w inverter with ATS function set with inverter & by-pass function from AC mains for the constant electricity of the appliances. The inverters produce with double-layer PCB board which do with the latest matured technical principle and choose the good quality mosfet for the high efficiency,KOSUN match the plastic terminals TP-67 for more safety operation consideration,the round aluminium shell and 2.00mm plates make the inverters & converters look more attractive and impressed to the people.

  • KOSUN dc to ac power converter 2000w inverter with ATS function works with multi advantages,the inverter makes the application uninterrupted power supply if the AC Mains power shut off in a sudden,and inverters auto transfer to the AC mains power when the battery discharge all power,the AC mains works with by-pass station for the appliances continue working .KOSUN factory has built over 10 years and develop with well-established system for the standard process of produce with ERP system,the inverter & converter are more reliable quality and reasonable factory price for the stronger market demands.The power inverter 2000w use for the RV,yacht,vessel,camping energy supply,mobile energy and the emergency power supply.

  • High frequency pure sine wave invertor 1500w inverter with ATS function sale over 10 years with high reputation,all the inverters & converters are on the high-quality and competitive factory price which broaden the appeal for the advanced market.The converter design with double-layer PCB board which do according to the latest technical principle for advanced standard inverters.

  • As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you 1000w Inverter with ATS Function. Hot sale market of KOSUN pure sine wave 1000w inverter with ATS (auto-transfer by pass) function with double-layer PCB board which design with the latest technical principle,inverter with ATS (auto transfer) function makes the application regular work if the gird power cut off suddenly and the inverter start to load application immediately within 16ms which keep your application interruption operation,KOSUN dc to ac single phase inverter & converter could meet the off grid power system of daily life,the reasonable price and high quality inverters provide with multi protections.

  • Matured technical system is the basis of 500w inverter with ATS function ,the factory equip the advanced auto machine like SMT, wave soldering,reflow soldering,mounter,AOI,painting spray machine,the strict test machine like vibration test equipment,high & low temperature alternating test facility,salty spray test facility etc,those tests insure the high quality of factory inverters high efficiency working.

Inverter with ATS Transfer in bulk with high quality can be customized from our factory. Our factory is called Ningbo Kosun New Energy Co.,Ltd. that is one of the manufacturers and suppliers from China. Welcome to wholesale advanced, latest selling and newest Inverter with ATS Transfer made in China which has CE certification. And you can discount it at any time, if you like. Besides, we provide 2 years warranty and price list.