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Application of DC To DC Converter

DC To DC Converter is commonly used in mobile devices such as mobile phones and notebook computers, which are mainly powered by batteries. There are often many sub-circuits in this type of electronic equipment, and the required power supply voltage is also different from that provided by a battery or an external power supply. And when the battery's power decreases, its voltage also drops. The switching-type DC To DC Converter can be used with a battery whose voltage has dropped, so that the voltage of the supply circuit can be maintained within a certain range, so there is no need to use multiple batteries to achieve this purpose.
Most DC To DC Converters also regulate the output voltage, but there are some exceptions. For example, high-efficiency LED drive circuits are DC-DC converters that regulate LED current, and there are simple charge pumps. Increase the output voltage to two or three times the original.

DC To DC Converter can also be used in conjunction with photovoltaic arrays or wind engines. The purpose is to collect the most energy. This type of equipment is called a power optimizer.