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The advantages of MPPT solar controller

The MPPT solar controller should be more complicated, and the cost is higher. The price is usually several times or even dozens of times of the PWM solar controller. The greatest energy. The MPPT controller can detect the power generation voltage of solar panels in real time and track the maximum voltage current value (VI), so that the system is charged to the battery with a maximum power output.

Compared with the PWM solar controller, the MPPT solar controller has the maximum power tracking function. During the charging period, it can ensure that the solar panel is always output at the maximum power and will not be affected by the temperature. From the perspective higher. In addition, the PWM solar controller can only use related voltage. For example, the 12V system panel can only use the 12V controller and battery. It is suitable for some small -scale departure systems below 2kW. The structure is simple, the user wiring is convenient, and the price is cheaper.

The MPPT solar controller is larger. Under normal circumstances, the voltage of the solar panel can be used between 12V-170V. The battery voltage can be adjusted by 12-96V. Net power generation system, high efficiency, and more flexible component configuration.