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Characteristics of pure sine wave inverter


The output of pure sine wave inverter has stronger load-bearing effect and load-bearing capacity than square wave or modified sine wave (step wave). The equipment can carry inductive loads and any other types of general AC loads. Equipment such as refrigerators, televisions and radios have no interference and noise, and will not affect the performance and life of the loaded equipment.


Pure sine wave inverter has high stability: Because this system has perfect protection functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, overheat, short circuit, reverse connection, etc., thus ensuring the stability of the system.

 pure sine wave inverter

Liquid crystal display of pure sine wave inverter: liquid crystal display battery voltage and output voltage and status parameters. High efficiency transformer isolation: The inverter has high inverter efficiency and low no-load loss.


The pure sine wave inverter can be digitally and intelligently controlled: the core device is controlled by a powerful single-chip microcomputer, which makes the peripheral circuit structure simple, and the control method and control strategy are flexible and powerful, thus ensuring excellent performance and stability.


The pure sine wave inverter can choose the mains switching: if the mains switching function is selected, the device can automatically switch the load to the mains power supply when the battery is under voltage or the inverter fails, thus ensuring the power supply of the system stability.