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What is the difference between sine wave inverter and ordinary inverter?


1. The sine wave inverter is suitable for any inductive load and resistive load. The inductive load includes refrigerators and washing machines with various devices of AC motors. Square wave and correction wave inverters are suitable for lighting to watch these resistive loads of TV heaters. Sine wave inverters will be very expensive to add a controllable boost function at a later stage.

sine wave inverter

2. The sine wave inverter has strict function parameters and high price, and is used in electronic circuits with high requirements on waveform parameters; the universal inverter is a mixture of sine wave, square wave, clutter and other components. This waveform can be used for general appliances at a lower price.

3. The difference between the sine wave inverter and the inverter is that the output voltage waveform is different. The sine wave inverter is suitable for all electrical appliances, and the general inverter is suitable for pure electric appliances such as electric furnaces.