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The choice of car inverter


The car inverter is a power product that works in a high-current, high-frequency environment, and its potential failure rate is quite high. Therefore, consumers must be cautious when buying:

First, choose from the inverter output waveform, preferably not lower than the quasi-sine wave;

Secondly, the inverter must have a complete circuit protection function;

Third, manufacturers must have a good after-sales service commitment;

Fourth, circuits and products have been tested for a period of time.

1. In addition to the price factor when choosing a car power supply, the main considerations are the input voltage requirements and output power of the car power supply. In addition, since the power of various electrical appliances varies greatly, the car power supply should be selected according to the use requirements. It is sufficient for the main purpose.

2. According to the different types of electrical appliances, you need to choose a suitable vehicle power supply. For daily resistive electrical appliances, you can choose square wave, modified wave, and sine wave. You must choose sine wave inverter for inductive electrical appliances. Device.

3. The square wave/modified wave inverter power supply cannot carry inductive loads and capacitive loads, cannot drive air conditioners, refrigerators, and cannot provide power for high-quality audio televisions. Strictly speaking, the square wave/modified wave inverter power supply will affect the service life of electrical appliances, and these problems will not occur when using a sine wave inverter.

4. The cigarette lighter insurance in a general car is 10A or 15A (10A insurance is mostly for old or imported models), which means that the car inverter power supply that can be used in a general car is 120W or 180W . If you need a high-power inverter (more than 180W or 200W), you must check whether there is a battery clamp in the package. The use of a high-power inverter without a battery clamp on a car will be limited.

5. The general car power supply will have insurance on the cigarette lighter end. Auto supplies reminds you to open it when purchasing to check if this insurance does not match the insurance of the car cigarette lighter (theoretically, it should be less than or equal to the cigarette lighter. The insurance of the cigarette lighter), so that the insurance of the cigarette lighter can be effective, otherwise it will burn the insurance of the car’s cigarette lighter, which will cause unnecessary trouble.


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